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About Pennine Gymnastics

Huddersfield’s largest gymnastics club, operating over three facilities, 7 days a week. Our gymnastics and parkour sessions are based around fun and enjoyment, while supporting fitness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  

Pennine gymnastics is not a traditional Gymnastics club, we do not intensively train gymnasts to compete at a competitive level.

We strive to be a club based around intrinsic reward, using praise and encouragement as a tool to motivate each child to work hard towards achieving their goals.

We offer excellent gymnastics classes for children of all ages and abilities. From pre-school, recreational and advanced gymnastics classes, to our super popular parkour sessions; we have a class for every child!

All our sessions are run by highly qualified and experienced coaches, with the lowest coach to gymnast ratio around. Having more coaches in the gym, means we get to teach advanced gymnastics skills and offer more support for your child’s learning needs.

We pride ourselves on having the knowledge, equipment, and amazing friendly staff to be able to teach high level skills such as backflips, somersaults and aerials to children who only participate once a week.

Our Facilities

Pennine Gymnastics offers a variety of classes from three different sites, in and around Huddersfield. Our main full-time facility in Honley offers our widest variety of gymnastics lessons: our tots play sessions, preschool, girls and boys’ gymnastics and parkour classes. Our two satellite clubs, one in Lockwood and the other at Holmfirth High School, offers boys and girls gymnastics and parkour classes.

The equipment at all facilities is similar, and gymnasts work towards the same high level of skills, with the same fully qualified and experienced coaches.

The benefits of gymnastics